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Barcelona Hotels

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Catalan cuisine is different from the rest of Spain, with unusual combinations of duck with ingredients such as pears, lobster or chicken. A typical meal might begin with escalivada, a warm salad of grilled vegetables, followed by fish samfaina premises, it is similar to ratatouille. Look out for cocas, the Catalan version of the pizza. A stroll around the La Boqueria market on Las Ramblas, taken at one or two bars, is a good way to get an idea of what an amazing selection of Barcelona products. Peak time to eat, two for lunch and dinner for ten. If this seems overdue, a tapas meal in one of the many places brewing, which takes care if the stores closed. Most restaurants offer a fixed-price lunch, often excellent value in the order of £ 7 for the three courses of wine.

Five Top tables
Prices for a standard three meals, drinks not included.



Barcelona restaurants are generally not well known for its avant-garde design, but has Bestial the cool chic of the Catalan coast, right in front of Frank Gehry's huge copper fish sculpture. The minimalist decor, the colors gray and chocolate sounds, the atmosphere dark and could be impressive, but Bestial is always busy with lots of tables and jumping loud vibration. It is not surprising that it was a great success with fashion, media and creative people, so it's a good place to see in the public Hotels in Barcelona - a role to play. Restoration of Catalan isa mixture of Italian, with tasty salads, pizzas, pasta and risotto. Everything is fine, but do not expect massive pieces.
C / Ramon Trias Fargas 2-4 (93224 0407). £ 15.



On a site on the edge of funky Born, Coses of Menjar sees quite normal from the outside, but if you are seated, and get the menu on a bottle, which you acknowledge that these are not ordinary Barcelona Hotels. The lamps are napkin ringsand caps are twisted forks. The food is creative Catalan, with the one in the season. During the fall, take a look at imaginative mushrooms with local communities. Chocoholics powerless in the first taste of Delirium Tremens, which serves specialty. The public is also eclectic as decoration. The first to reserve a weekend for nights, and ask for one of these tables outdoors, if the weather is still damp.
Pla del Palau 7 (93310 6001). £ 15.